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Telecom Microwave tower


Product name: Telecom microwave tower

Category: Microwave tower

Details & Description: We offer all types of telecom microwave towers in the manufacture, erection and installation.

These towers can be made of Angle steel/tubing or both. In addition, the structure of the tower can be welded or bolted to the customer's application requirements. Quality is our company's mantra for success. We carry out rigorous site and soil surveys to provide only impeccable quality accessories for these towers. The availability of high-tech machinery and engineering expertise allows us to execute complete Turkey project solutions according to our customers' requirements.

Telecommunications microwave tower systems can accommodate a variety of optical discs with network components. We also offer a variety of accessories and supports.

Our telecom tower is also made of solid steel pipe with Angle steel or support members, which is of high strength, light weight, strong wind resistance and economical use of materials. Lattice with triangular cross sections is the most common, and square grids are also widely used.

After manufacturing, all towers are sent to a galvanizing plant for hot dip galvanizing. The towers are treated by alkali cleaning, pickling and then flux passing through the facility. These rigorous procedures ensure years of maintenance-free towers.

Port of loading: Shanghai Port

Delivery time: 1 month or according to customer needs

Performance standards: In addition to meeting the drawing and design requirements, the materials and manufacturing of tower components shall conform to Chinese standards or other international standards.

Payment terms: TT, LC

Delivery: 30 days deposit or negotiation

Origin: Jiangsu, China

Minimum order quantity: 50 tons

Packing: export standard packing

Inspection: Internal or other inspection

Sample: charge