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1000KV Extra-high pressure steel tube tower


Product Name: 1000KV ultra-high pressure steel pipe tower

Category: Steel tube tower

Details & Description: This picture refers to our 1000KV ultra-high pressure steel pipe tower, which is widely used in our Chinese market. Some of the tower's technical features are as follows:

1. Climatic conditions


Temperature (ºC)

Wind speed (m/s)

Ice thickness (mm)

The maximum. temperature




A small one. temperature




Ice thickness




Basic wind speed




Installation condition




Annual temperature




Lightning strikes over voltage




Operating overvoltage




Hotline work




2. Conductor and OPGW technical specifications










Steel (aluminum clad steel)
















Length mass (kg/km)



Modulus of elasticity (MPa)



Coefficient of linear expansion (1/ºC)



Crushing rating (N)



3. Here is the design strength of China tower steel


Resistance to pushing, bending and pressure (N/mm2)

Shear strength (N/mm2)


Thickness or diameter (mm)

Q235 steel













Q345 steel













Q420 steel













Q460 steel













4 .This is the design strength of our China tower bolts



Thrust resistance (N/mm2)

Shear strength (N/mm2)

Tower fastener













Anchor bolt _




China 35 steel



China 45 steel



Note: The above technical data is for customer reference only, we can design various models for overseas customers.

Zhenjiang Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a full-service engineering company with a global reputation for providing excellence and innovation in transmission, transformation, distribution and telecommunications systems. We mainly provide and design this type of 1000KV UHV steel pipe tower 1000KV 10GB2-SZ3 tangent transmission tower for our Chinese and overseas customers. Since 2004, we have mainly focused on the international market and exported a variety of transmission structures to overseas customers. We have been manufacturing lattice transmission towers and conical steel rods for lighting, traffic control, communications and utility applications. We have taken the lead in the development of steel structures such as transmission towers, telecommunications towers and substations, and have also taken the lead in the design of transmission towers.

More than 10 years of experience and innovation in the engineering, design and construction of towers have led to the Zhenjiang Zhongdian Power Equipment Co. LTD Exhibition in its current form: Complete turnkey suppliers including site acquisition, engineering services, manufacturing, field service -DAS, technical services, value-added resellers and monitoring, maintenance and network ownership specialize in developing, supplying and building wireless and wired networks and indoor telecommunications systems, as well as energy infrastructure from design to system integration from a single source of top quality, ISO 9001 registers a complete selection of towers, including self-supported, lattice steel towers, monopole and cable towers, forming custom designed radar towers, broadcast towers and energy infrastructure. We carry a variety of related products including fall protection, transmission lines, antennas,

We mainly design various towers and columns for:

1.TelecomsPower transmissionTV and Radio BroadcastingRoads and City DevelopmentWind energy solution Steel structure and  workshop

Our complete selection of towers includes:

1.Self-supportingMonopolesGuyed towersCustom-designed radar towersBroadcast towersPower transmission

We design and manufacture tower related products including:

1. Other accessories of anti-fall antenna bracket, if required by customers

Today, with more than 10 years of experience and our commitment to excellence, we remain an industry leader in the manufacture and design of steel pipe, Angle steel and unipolar structures for all highway, municipal, customs, telecommunications, lighting and electric utility applications. We have a full range of engineering professionals trained in the PLS pole program, as well as three different manufacturing processes used to produce steel towers, poles and other supports. We use the latest versions of PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, TOWER, AutoCAD and other CAD software.

The structure shall be designed according to the load combination given by IEC 61936-1, as shown below:

Normal load

1 Dead weight load

2 Tension load

3 Erection Load

4 Wind load

Abnormal load

1 Switching force

2 Short-circuit force

3 conductor tension loss

4 Seismic force

In addition, we have comprehensive design engineering service qualifications, including:

√ Steel towers for overhead transmission lines and telecommunications towers

Basic design and analysis

√ Shop installation drawing

√ As-built drawing

We carry out in-house design activities specialising in the engineering of steel structures for power overhead transmission and telecommunications towers, including wind and seismic loads, static analysis, finite element stress analysis and fatigue. Our Engineering department has highly qualified engineers who are well versed in international codes and standards. This work is carried out using CAE/CAD extensively through large computer networks. Computer hardware and graphics software complement CNC shop equipment and can be used to download information, eliminating errors and saving valuable production time.

In addition, we are one of the few manufacturers who assemble 1000KV UHV steel pipe tower 1000KV 10GB2-SZ3 tangential transmission tower face. This focus on quality may not be the cheapest process, but it does ensure that each tower meets our high quality standards. And it helps reduce the cost of on-site construction due to assembly mismatches. After manufacturing, all 1000KV 10GB2-SZ3 tangent transmission towers are sent to a galvanizing plant for hot dip galvanizing. The towers are treated by alkali cleaning, pickling and then flux passing through the facility. These rigorous procedures ensure years of maintenance-free towers. All finished surfaces shall be flat and free of tears, burrs, clots and impurities.

Except as otherwise specified in this Specification, the surface treatment and corrosion protection of all metal components shall comply with the latest revision of the following standards:

Zinc (Hot dip Galvanizing) coating on iron and steel products

DIN 55928 Specification for protective coating of steel structures

DIN 55945 Coating materials - Concepts

DIN 18363 Paint Jobs - Buildings

DIN 18364 steel surface protection work

DIN 53210 Determination of rust

DIN 55151 Determination of adhesion

Iso 4628/3 Determination of corrosion penetration

Our '1000KV 10GB2-SZ3 tangential transmission tower system can accommodate a variety of cross arms. We also offer a variety of accessories and supports.

Other information:

Supply size: according to customer requirements.

Materials: Chinese materials or according to customer requirements

Steel type

Tower leg: China steel Q345B, equivalent to ASTM A572 GR50

Other web, support and non-force plates and Angle steel: China Q235B, equivalent to ASTM A36

Sheet: China Steel Q345B, equivalent to ASTM A572 GR50

Bolts: Bolt quality shall be China Class 6.8 and 8.8, according to our Chinese standard, or ISO 898 standard or ASTM A394 type 0, 1, 2, 3

Anti-theft bolts shall be Huckbolt fasteners or approved equivalent bolts. Fasteners shall be manufactured from high strength steel A242 or equivalent and hot-dip galvanized according to ASTM specifications A153 and A394.

Manufacturing standard: Chinese standard or other standard accepted by customer

A) Dimensional and angular tolerances conform to GB/T1591-1994, similar to EN 10056-1/2

B) Hot-dip galvanizing conforms to GB/T 13912-2002, similar to ASTM A 123

C) Welding performance shall comply with AWS D1.1 or CWB standards

D) All fasteners are galvanized to meet ASTM A153 requirements.

Packing: Both parties shall negotiate before delivery

Loading port: Qingdao Port

Delivery time: 1 month or according to customer demand (currently our monthly production capacity is about 5000 tons, which can meet customer requirements)

Minimum order quantity: 1 set

General manufacturing requirements

This is the general manufacturing requirement for our transmission towers; However, both parties must discuss all drawings and confirm all workshop drawings, technical specifications and compliant standards.

Before mass production, we must receive all signed and approved workshop drawings and technical documents from the customer.

Our manufacture shall be carried out in strict accordance with the detailed drawings prepared by the contractor and approved by the engineer. Manufacturing shall commence after approval of plant assembly and testing.



Shearing and cutting should be done carefully and all parts of the work that will be exposed when completed should be done neatly. Manual cutting torches shall not be used.

All materials over 13 (or 12) mm thick should be cold sawed or machine flame cut.

For material thicknesses of 13 mm or less, cutting or shearing should be allowed.

Before flame cutting is performed on high production steel, the cutting flame should be passed over the part to be cut, followed by a slight preheating operation.

All flame cut edges should be sanded clean.


Bending should avoid indentation and surface damage. All bending over 5o, or high strength steel, should be done when the material is hot.


No welding shall be performed unless prior approval is obtained from the engineer.

Welding is not permitted at tower connection points of conductors, shielding wires, insulators or related components or supports.


All holes in structural steel less than 10 mm thick may be punched to full size unless otherwise stated on the approved drawings. Holes shown on the drawings as boreholes and all holes in structural steel of 10 mm or more thickness and the tension members of the crossarm shall be drilled or semi-punched and reamed.

All holes should be clean and clean with no tearing or jagged edges. All burrs created by reaming or drilling holes should be removed. All holes shall be cylindrical and perpendicular to the member.

To avoid hole deformation, make holes close to the bending point after bending.


When punching to full size, the diameter of the punch should be 1.0mm larger than the nominal diameter of the bolt, and the diameter of the die should be no more than 1.5mm larger than the diameter of the punch. When punching, the diameter of the punch should be 4mm smaller than the nominal diameter of the bolt, and the diameter of the die should be no more than 2mm larger than the diameter of the punch. The sub-punching of reaming process shall be such that no punching surface shall appear around the hole after reaming.

Hole size

In the case of reaming or drilling, the diameter of the finished hole shall not be greater than the nominal diameter of the bolt plus 1.0 mm.


The spacing of all holes shall be accurately located according to the drawing and shall be located on the mark line.

The hole spacing of all bolt holes shall be 0.8 mm from the maximum allowable deviation shown on the drawing.

Manufacturing tolerance

Tolerance specifications shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval prior to the commencement of manufacturing.

Bolt list

A complete list of bolts, showing their length and the members to which they are to be attached, should be given on the installation drawing.

Step bolt:

Step bolts shall be installed on one leg of a single loop tower and on two diagonal opposite legs of a double loop tower from approximately 2.5 meters above the ground to the arm and from the arm to each grounding wire peak. Step bolts shall be provided for each leg extension at 25% of the step bolt hole. These bolts shall not be less than 16 mm or 3/4" diameter, double nut type, 18 cm or 7" long, 35 mm or 1 5/8" diameter, symmetrical heads, two hexagon nuts and spring washers, spaced not more than 45 cm or 18 inches apart. Each bolt shall withstand a vertical load of at least 137 kg applied to the bolt head without permanent deformation. If there are any technical specifications,

Locking device

Locking device of tower bolt is not required, but point punching should be carried out.

Anti-theft fastener

All towers up to anti-climbing device level should use appropriate anti-theft fasteners such as Huck-bolting to prevent theft of tower components.

Part marking

All parts shall be marked as shown on the pre-galvanizing stamping installation drawing, not less than 20 mm in height and located in the same relative position of all parts. The marks should be clearly visible after galvanizing.


All materials shall be hot-dipped galvanized after manufacture in accordance with GB/T 13912-2002 or the latest revision of ASTM Specification A 123.

Materials rejected due to bare spots or other coating defects should be stripped and re-galvanized, or uncoated areas should be re-coated using approved methods.

All sheets and profiles warped during galvanizing should be straightened by re-rolling or pressing. Materials must not be hammered or straightened in a manner that would damage the protective coating.

If galvanizing is done outside the Contractor's plant, the Engineer's approval shall be obtained.

An approved dichromate solution should be used immediately after galvanizing to prevent white storage stains on all galvanized steel products.

Shop assembly and inspection

All assembly components shall be bolted and gasketed in the workshop, galvanized and shipped as one unit. When specified in the Purchase Order, we shall fully assemble one (1) of each type of structure in the presence of the Owner prior to the initial shipment of such structures. Any errors in the workshop drawings or workshop work displayed in this assembly shall be corrected immediately. Our proposal should include the work required for the assembly of these workshops. Any material rejected by Owner because it does not conform to this Specification or purchase Order shall be corrected or replaced by us. The fact that the material has been inspected, or that the owner has waived the right to inspect any material,

Design calculations and drawings

We may perform complete design calculations, design drawings and shop detail drawings for each structure and submit inspected calculations and drawings for Owner review and distribution in the quantities, manner and times specified in the purchase Order. Our drawings include the following:

Design drawings showing structural dimensions, conductor gap drawings and tables showing member dimensions, bolt dimensions and material specifications.

The installation diagram shows each individual member and its identifying mark, position and position of the protruding Angle, as well as the number, diameter and length of bolts to be attached; And with typical detail to large scale, some of the members frame together.

Display detailed workshop drawings for all sizes, drawing diagonals and all shear punching, miter cutting, grinding, bending and identification marks for each member.

A complete list of materials for each structure, showing the number, type, dimensions, length, weight and identification marks of each member (including all bolts).

(Note: Our MEGATRO can only start to draw construction drawings for customers if PO confirms.)

All parts shall be galvanized with clearly visible installation marks corresponding to those on the installation drawings. A minimum 16 mm or 5/8" high tower steel stamping die should be used and special care should be taken of the manner in which all mounting marks are made so as not to be erased during transport or in any way damage galvanizing or weaken the strength of the member.

When marking members, each mark should be prefixed with a letter indicating the type of steel tower. For members used for more than one type of steel tower, all tower - type names shall appear on the markings.

In addition, members shall be marked using a 25mm waterproof ink template. Or galvanized after 1.0" high, to facilitate the stacking of components and erection of steel towers.
The diameter and length of the bolts should be marked on each bolt end so that they are visible after galvanizing.

The contractor identification mark shall be immediately affixed in front of the job identification mark. Contractor identification marks shall be submitted to the Owner for acceptance and registration prior to first use.

Identifying markers should be prominently positioned for easy reading. Similar work pieces shall be marked in the same location, and work pieces over 14 feet long shall be marked at both ends.

Identification marks shall be applied as follows:

Mark with letters and numbers of steel die with a depth of 2.0mm and minimum height of 15.0mm before galvanizing. After galvanising, a straight line 6.0 mm wide is neatly printed on the stencil to emphasise the identifying mark, made using durable paint or ink that will adhere to the galvanised surface and remain legible.

All small items that do not fit the mold mark and are not boxed should be identified by attaching a mold stamped steel label or a plastic label with a permanent mark. Labels should be attached with non-corrosive wire.

Preparation for shipment and storage

In order to facilitate the separation of steel tower components in the yard and maximize the erection efficiency, the packaging of steel towers shall be as follows:

All steel tower components, including short Angle, plate and steel tower components, should be color coded. The color code shall be painted around the ends of the steel tower components and the edges of the plates of all angular members. The color code should be specified in the technical data sheet. All Angle steel shall be packed per unit tower by type, i.e., four (4) pieces per bundle.

All cleats, including bolts and nuts with spring washers for short Angle steel, shall be packed in wooden cases by type per unit steel tower and painted with the appropriate color code on all corners of the wooden cases.

All matrix steel towers are packed according to unit steel tower by model. Each package shall not exceed three (3) metric tons. For any subsequent cell type, the contents of each package of each type for each cell tower shall be the same. The number of each package shall indicate the type of steel tower (basic type), the number of steel tower and the number of packages.


MG-Basic/tower number/package number/quantity. In this package

MG-Basic / 1/200/2/8

All bolts and nuts with spring washers shall be packed in tin cans or wooden cases, each type of unit steel tower, numbered as follows: Example:


Bolt (basic)/Tower number/package number/quantity

All plates and corner plates of the basic steel tower shall be packed in wooden cases per model per unit steel tower and numbered as follows: Example: MG Plate (Basic)/tower Number/Package Number/Quantity

All main extension steel tower parts shall be packaged per unit steel tower by model. The weight of each package shall not exceed three (3) metric tons. The contents of each package for each unit of each tower should be the same for any subsequent tower unit. The number of each package shall indicate the tower type and extended tower number, as well as the number of packages.


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