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+500KV Angle bar steel tower


Product name: 500KV Angle bar steel tower

Category: Angle bar steel tower

Details:Angle bar steel tower is a tower structure made of Angle steel and supporting Angle steel or other components. Can be divided into four - leg Angle tower, three - Angle tower, cable Angle tower. All of this can be used in transmission line engineering and the telecommunications industry. An angular tower is a 3 - or 4-legged angular self-supporting tower. Angular steel towers are usually constructed in a variety of angular sizes, ranging in height from 15 m to 200 m.

Transmission tower structures can be classified according to the way they support line conductors. Suspension structures use suspension insulators to support conductors vertically. The strain structure resists the net tension in the conductor, and the conductor is attached to the structure by a strain insulator. Dead-end structures support all the weight of the conductor and all the tension in it, and also use strain insulators.

In telecommunications towers, angular steel towers are usually used as the main support to withstand heavier attachments and overloads. These structures are designed and manufactured to accommodate the heavy load imposed by the connection of microwave dish antennas and the installation of sector antennas. In addition, these towers can accommodate a variety of accessories, including platforms, antenna supports, lighting systems, ladders, safety cages, cable ladders, utility mounting rods, etc.

We make various types of Angle towers from Angle iron beams. The height of the building can reach 200 meters. We are one of the few manufacturers that assembles the surface of each tower section. This focus on quality may not be the cheapest process, but it does ensure that each tower meets our high quality standards. And it helps reduce the cost of on-site construction due to assembly mismatches.

After manufacturing, all the Angle steel towers are sent to the galvanizing plant for hot dip galvanizing. The towers are treated by alkali cleaning, pickling and then flux passing through the facility. These rigorous procedures ensure years of maintenance-free towers.

Our Angle tower system can accommodate a variety of crossarms, ladders, platforms or other accessories according to customer requirements. We also offer a variety of accessories and supports.

Supply size: according to customer's request.

Materials: Chinese materials or according to customer requirements

Packing: Both parties shall discuss before delivery

Payment terms: L/C, T/T

Minimum order quantity: 5 tons

Port of loading: Shanghai Port

Delivery time: one month or according to customer's needs

Performance standard

In addition to conforming to the drawing and design requirements, the materials and manufacturing of the tower components shall conform to the Chinese standard or other standards acceptable to the customer.