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220KV Substation


Product Name:220KV Substation


Details & Description:220KV Substation

Substations are high voltage power system facilities. It is used to switch generators, equipment and circuits or lines in and out of the system. The substation includes gantry frame and equipment support structure. The gantry structure is mainly used to direct the power conductor from the last tower near the substation to the electrical equipment inside the substation. The structure consists of a number of columns and beams, depending on the number of circuits of the line. Gantry frames are also used for line crossing. With the required number of gantry frames, the electrical conductor of a line can be passed through the ground. The equipment support structure is the pillar that supports the electrical equipment in the substation.

Gantry frames and equipment support structures can also be installed on substation buildings, depending on site and customer requirements.

We mainly provide various types of substation gantry structure, we use complex processes to manufacture them, using precision production lines.

Manufacture: comply with customer drawings and technical requirements

Origin: Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Supply size: according to customer's request.

Materials: Chinese materials or according to customer requirements

Packing: Discussed and agreed by both parties prior to delivery

Payment terms: Letter of credit; T/T

Minimum order quantity: 10 tons

Port of loading: Shanghai Port

Delivery time: one month or according to customer's needs.

Performance standard

In addition to meeting the drawing and design requirements, the materials and manufacturing of the tower components shall comply with Chinese or international standards.