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10KV Steel pipe tower


Product Name: 10KV Steel pipe tower

Category: Steel pipe tower

Details:10KV Steel pipe tower

A tubular tower transmission line carries only the conductor of one circuit. For a three-phase system, this means that each tower supports three conductors. In a single-loop tower, the conductors are arranged horizontally. Both tubular and lattice steel towers can be designed to support single-loop current. Single-circuit towers stack different conductors on top of each other, whereas in single-circuit towers, the conductors are arranged horizontally.

The 10KV single-loop tower we designed has the following types:

(1) Horizontal

(2) Vertical

(3) Triangular type

(4)H frame type

(5) unipolar tube type

(6) Others

Today, with more than 10 years of experience and our commitment to excellence, we remain an industry leader in the manufacture and design of steel pipe, Angle steel and unipolar structures for all highway, municipal, customs, telecommunications, lighting and electric utility applications. We have a full range of engineering professionals trained in the PLS pole program, as well as three different manufacturing processes used to produce steel towers, poles and other supports. We use the latest versions of PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, TOWER, AutoCAD and other CAD software.

We use solid steel legs and steel tubes to manufacture each structure of a single loop 10KV tower. According to customer requirements, the structure can be up to 80 meters. We are one of the few manufacturers that assemble surfaces for every multi-loop tower component. This focus on quality may not be the cheapest process, but it does ensure that each tower meets our high quality standards. And it helps reduce the cost of on-site construction due to assembly mismatches. After manufacturing, all 110KV towers are sent to the galvanizing plant for hot dip galvanizing. The towers are treated by alkali cleaning, pickling and then flux passing through the facility. These rigorous procedures ensure years of maintenance-free towers.

Other information:

Supply size: according to customer requirements.

Materials: Chinese materials or according to customer requirements

Packing: Both parties shall discuss before delivery

Loading port: Qingdao Port

Delivery time: one month or according to customer demand

Minimum order quantity: 1 ton

Manufacturing standard: Chinese standard or other standard accepted by customer

Steel type

Tower legs: China Steel Q345B, same as ASTM A572 GR50

Other web, support and non-stress plates and Angle steel: China Q235B, same as ASTM A36

Sheet: China Steel Q345B, same as ASTM A572 GR50

Bolts: Chinese Class 6.8 and 8.8, similar to ASTM A394

A) Dimensional and angular tolerances conform to GB/T1591-1994, similar to EN 10056-1/2

B) Hot-dip galvanizing conforms to GB/T 13912-2002, where similar to ASTM A 123

C) Welding performance shall comply with AWS D1.1 or CWB standards

If there are any special requirements, we can design and discuss with the customer.